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Having a radiant smile can change not only change how you look, but how you feel. Our cosmetic dentistry services offer various procedures to build or restore your beautiful smile in Toronto, North York and Vaughan. Dental Bonding and Dental Veneers can help restore the look and function of teeth. Dentistry on Dufferin is a Toronto, North York and Vaughan cosmetic dentists providing comprehensive dental care, including porcelain veneers and dental bonding.

Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding involves making minor repairs to teeth by applying composite resin to change the shape and colour of your tooth. Dental Bonding is considered painless and many teeth can be bonded in one dental visit for added convenience.

Dental Bonding is done through the following process:

  • Your cosmetic dentists puts a mild chemical on your tooth to make it rough so the composite resin sticks better to the enamel of your tooth.
  • The composite resin is mixed and tinted to match the colour of your natural teeth.
  • Your cosmetic dentists will apply the composite resin on your tooth in layers.
  • A bright light is used to harden each layer of resin as it is applied on your teeth.
  • After the final layer of composite resin is hardened, your dentist will shape and polish the resin so the final appearance looks natural and smooth.
Dental Bonding Advantages:
  • It is painless and does not need a local anesthetic.
  • Less invasive procedure as only minor drilling is involved.
  • The veneer consuming and teeth can usually be veneered in one visit.
  • Bonding is more affordable compared to receiving dental crowns.
  • Bonding can be used on children because bonded material can be removed and replaced as children's teeth grow.
Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are thin porcelain or acrylic shells that are bonded to the front of teeth to improve their appearance and are another option for an individual whose teeth may be chipped, stained, discolored, crooked, unevenly spaced or misshapen. Dental Veneers can provide a new, beautiful smile for individuals who currently struggle with the appearance of their teeth when they smile.

The process of receiving dental veneers is as follows:

  • Your cosmetic dentists will remove some of the enamel from your teeth to make room for the dental veneers. A mold or impression of your teeth will be made. The impression is sent to a dental lab to be custom-made.
  • During your next visit, your cosmetic dentists will apply a mild chemical on your teeth to make them rough. This helps the veneers adhere to your teeth.
  • The veneers are then attached to your teeth one by one, using composite resin to cement the veneers in place.

Porcelain veneers resist stains better than acrylic veneers and have the same sheen as natural teeth. Resin veneers are thinner and require removal of less of the tooth surface before placement.

Your cosmetic dentists will discuss the best choice of veneer material for you. If you want to re-gain confidence with a big, beautiful smile, call Dentistry on Dufferin's cosmtic dentists in Toronto, North York and Vaughan today so we can make your beautiful smile a thing of the present that you can enjoy for years to come.